While most people associate Italian glass with Murano and Venice, the great majority of glass is actually produced in Tuscany.  IVV was founded in 1952 as a cooperative of glass blowers and is located on the banks of the Arno river south of Florence.  This is a company that produces a broad range of beautifully hand-crafted glass beginning with their proprietary "formulas" for the glass itself that even include the recycling of waste pieces, and continuing with innovative production techniques.  Several designers contribute their expertise to creating a broad spectrum of products for the table and the home.  We are honored and excited to be representing this line.

There are in actuality three lines produced by IVV, Home and Table is the core collection, IVV952 is a design oriented collection, and IVV Everyday offers a more casual.   Below is a link to the catalog containing all three collections:

For the IVV Full line catalog please click on image above.