E G I Z I A  

Luxury design handmade in Italy

Founded in 1949 in Poggibonsi, Tuscany, Italy, as a glass decorating company Egizia has grown from its beginnings producing decorated wine bottles for the neighboring Chianti region of Italy to an innovator in the area of glass.  Utilizing a proprietary process each piece is hand screen printed with their signature work involving the application of silver which is fused onto the glass.  For pieces with color, each color represents a separate pass with a screen.  Relief detail is also applied with powdered crystal that is then fused onto the surface of the glass.  All printing is heated to over 500 degrees Celsius to form a permanent bond.  The company is now part of a larger crystal and glassware company based within the region which is also the center of crystal production for Italy.
In a desire to establish their own product line, Egizia entered the tabletop arena with collaboration with Ettore Sottsass of the Memphis Group to make design part of each functional piece.  Each work bears a signature or credit to the designer who created it, printed subtly as part of the decoration.  The” Handle With Care” line continues to be current and the designs fresh years later. Subsequent lines have been homages to great designers and artists, William Morris, Gustav Klimt, Mariano Fortuny.  More recent collaborations have been with Karim Rashid, Paola Navone and Flavia de Souza.  Once the customer understands the artistry behind the piece and the design value a greater appreciation is garnered.